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Kuching Food Festival - A Melting Pot of Food & Culture

The Kuching Food Festival is undoubtedly the largest and most famous festival held every August in the city and serves an incredible variety of local and traditional fusion foods. The Kuching South City Council organizes this annual event in commemoration of Kuching being honoured with its city status back on 1st August 1988. In addition, the festival also promotes the state’s tourism and food industries and reflects Kuching’s title as the ‘UNESCO City of Gastronomy’. This annual pilgrimage of food has grown to over 200 food stalls throng the car park of the Dewan Masyarakat at MBKS, transforming the space into a food temple over 24 straight days of eating. In 2022, it broke all records, bringing in 1.2 million people to sample the creative food creations by the local foodpreneurs. 

Every evening, rain or shine, the food stalls will begin setting up as early as 4 p.m., and the gates are then open to the enthusiastic foodies who are early (mostly to avoid the surge of the dinner crowds in a couple of hours every night) to be the first in line at the food stalls crammed with local and international dishes, ranging from local classic favourites to the newest trendy food in the culinary scene. By 6 p.m., the festival space is packed with visitors, and there are no empty tables in sight! An overwhelming maze of food stalls serving a plethora of cosmopolitan food is displayed at over 200 booths. The visitors, whether local or international, mostly admit that one visit is not enough as there are too many stalls to visit, and they often return a couple more times before the festival ends. It is truly the best place to be!


Crowds throng the Kuching Food Festival daily for the month-long period.- Photo by Sarawak Tourism

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