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Semadang Kayaking & Caving Day Tour

Updated: Feb 29

Kuching - Semadang River Kayaking - Bidayuh Village - Jungle Waterfall - Limestone Cave Exploration - Kuching: You will begin the tour by kayaking down the Semadang River, passing through impressive mountains that line the Bengoh Range, and making a few stops at small waterfalls and at Danu Bidayuh Village for lunch. After lunch, you embark on your journey to the limestone cave. This wild and undeveloped cave under the Bengoh Range near Semadang is quite unique, and you'll be able to explore the large passage of the limestone cave. By wild, we mean no interior lighting, no handrails, no walkways-a cave in its natural state. So don't forget to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and hiking shoes or rubber boots with a snug fit and a good tread. The guides will lead you through the cave entrance, where big fig tree roots cling to the limestone walls. After rainfall, thousands of little bats cluster on the cave ceiling to leave at dusk to feed on insects. There is one crawling section or tight passageway, but it is easily navigable with the guides' instructions.

9:00am - Pick up from your hotel in Kuching and drive through scenic countryside to the Bidayuh village of Kampung Bengoh, where your guide will explain the unique features of the river. After a quick safety briefing and practice, you will begin your 11 kilometre kayak tour by gently paddling down the river, where you are likely to be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. You'll be making a stop at small waterfalls along the river before heading to a lunch stop at another Bidayuh village, Kampung Danu. After lunch, transfer to the limestone cave for cave exploration activities. The trip ends at around 3:30pm then transfers back to Kuching; the time may vary depending on the pace of the group.

You may also choose to visit the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre en route to watch the semi-wild orangutans at feeding time. There will be a small surcharge for this side trip, and the departure time from Kuching is 8:00am.

Lunch provided.


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