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Tanjung Datu

Updated: Feb 29



Kuching - Sematan - Tanjung Datu: Depart Kuching at 8.30 am and drive to the small fishing port of Sematan (approximately. 2 hours). A one-hour speedboat ride brings you to Tanjung Datu, Sarawak's smallest and probably most beautiful national park. If the tide is high, just cross the beach to the Park Headquarters; if the tide is low, walk about 15 minutes from nearby Telok Upas Bay. Check into the Park Hostel and proceed for lunch overlooking the beach while you discuss with your guide what you want to do for the rest of the day. You can simply relax on the deserted beach, snorkel over the pristine coral reefs, visit the turtle hatchery,or hike one of the park's nature trails. We recommend the short Viewpoint Trail or the leisurely 2-hour Pasir Antu Laut Trail, keeping an eye open for Bornean gibbons, banded langurs, silvered langurs, pig-tailed and crab-eating macaques, and various hornbill species. After dinner at the Park Headquarters, take a guided night walk in search of the nocturnal wildlife (Bornean bearded pigs, sambar deer, mouse deer, barking deer, civet cats, tree frogs, etc.) as well as the remarkable night-blooming Putat tree. Finally, take a stroll along the beach to see if any turtles have come ashore to nest. Overnight at the Park Hostel or, if you prefer, the outdoor camping shelter.

Lunch and dinner are provided.


Tanjung Datu - Sematan - Kuching: After breakfast, you are free to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and carry on where you left off yesterday. This is a good time to spot gibbons (or at least hear their hooping calls) and check the beach for turtle tracks. You can ask your guide to arrange a nature walk or simply do your own thing. Around midday, board the speedboat for the ride back to Sematan and enjoy a traditional country lunch at a coffee shop in Sematan. You will arrive back at your Kuching hotel in the late afternoon.

Breakfast and lunch are provided.


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